Top 8 Best Plus Size Shapewear for Tummy

Plus Size Shapewear for Tummy Control is often considered as the most suitable option for the plus size women. If you have had too much fast food products, you know you are screwed up if special events like weddings and parties come calling without warning. It won’t be hard for you to stand out at these events with your off-putting tummy folds when there are slender girls around.

If you have a big belly, there are body shapers for big bellies that can bring your figure back to life. With a slimmer silhouette and decreased tummy size, the sexy shapewear will give you back your confidence.

Also, wearing them will demonstrate to your previously bored partner that you’re committed to getting in shape. You’ll be glad to know the best body shaper for a large stomach that fits well with any outfit, from smart jeans to trendy dresses.


Although everyone is attracted to your new curves, no one knows that you are wearing anything because the lines are so discrete. Where all imitations fail, the best shapewear for the stomach and waist succeeds: They smooth out bulges on your tummy (and other tummy trouble spots) and restore your curvy shape.

In our research, we realized that finding the best girdle to fit around your stomach may be like chasing a wind so we took matters into our own hands and found the best solutions for you.

We searched thousands of reviews to uncover the shapewear that plus-size shoppers are most satisfied with. Body shapers such as the ones listed below earn near-perfect ratings from customers as well as hundreds of reviews explaining why they should be part of your wardrobe. 

A number of the undergarments listed are made with seamless construction, so they will not be noticeable under your outfit. Many of these designs are sculpted for smoothing specific areas without sinking into your skin. Several of them are temperature-regulated to prevent you from overheating, making them ideal layering pieces. 

Best Plus Size Shapewear for Tummy Reviews

Following are the reviews of the top 8 best Plus Size Shapewear for Tummy:

Product Name 

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Flexees Maidenform Women’s Shapewear for FUPA

Gotoly Women's Body Shapewear for FUPA

Irisnaya Tummy Control Waist Trainer Full Vest Shaper for FUPA

Gotoly Women’s plus size shapewear for tummy Review

You should consider this body wear if you’re looking for a top-rated shaper that understands what super slim means. With its super thin edge, it is almost 100% invisible under your clothing, giving you that hourglass figure of your dreams. The resulting curves in your buttocks will surely impress your buddies.

This soft and elastic panty girdle feels great underneath your dress because it has excellent breathability. It is also moisture-wicking and very comfortable.

In addition, it is antibacterial, meaning even more care is given to your skin. Plus, it is so lightweight that you will feel like you are not wearing anything at all.

In general, this could be the perfect present for a bride-to-be, for a postpartum mother, or for your plus-size girlfriend hoping to get a flat stomach quickly.

  • The fabric is very soft and comfortable

  • It is comfortable even in hot summer months because it is so breathable.

  • Despite being elastic, it fits oversized women perfectly!

  • Creates a sultry curve in the buttocks.

  • Fits almost all clothing.

  • Sizing charts are quite difficult to understand.


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SPANX Plus Size OnCore Firm Control Open-Bust Bodysuit Review

As one of the leading brands in the bodysuit business, Spanx provides a foundation garment that gives your torso an amazing transformation. This body shaper features a hook-and-eye closure, making it easy to use whenever you need to relieve yourself in public.

Moreover, the adjustable straps give you the flexibility to position your head in the most comfortable position. You can wear it with a plus-size strapless bra as it provides excellent support.

Having an open bust will allow you to wear the bra of your choice too. In addition to being durable, the nylon and spandex materials give it exceptional flexibility for use on enormous tummies.

With its fully-bonded front panels and edge-bonded side panels, this shaper delivers a flat stomach that remains comfortable. Another reason for its success is that the neckline and underarms are bonded, which prevents your skin from getting irritated.

  • Easy movement is made possible by the zero-squeeze.

  • Your large stomach is firmly hugged by this bodysuit.

  • It feels lightweight.

  • Laundry machines can clean it easily.

  • This flattens out the stomach completely.

  • It may be a bit pricey



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Spanx Women’s Everyday Shaping Panty Seamless Boyshort Review

Women with big bellies know just how difficult it is to find boyshorts that keep their skin and naturally intimate body parts in good condition. It was therefore a pleasant surprise to discover Spanx big-woman shaping boyshorts.

This shaper, which is made of fully elastic fabric, is the best for the lower stomach. The waistband can be worn up or folded down, depending on where the bulge is located.

Furthermore, thanks to the piece’s well-crafted overall construction, you will be able to experience an unyielding firm squeeze. The boyshorts’ flat leg opening also earned high praises due to its ability to prevent disconcerting wedgies and make them easy to wear. The shaper is composed of 90% nylon and 10% spandex, which makes it a safe and lightweight shaper.

  • Gives a wonderful hug.

  • Underwear that’s wedgie-free.

  • The shaping waistband remains concealed from prying eyes.

  • As well as looking good, it feels comfy too.

  • Sometimes, the top rolls a bit.


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Body Wrap High Waist Long Leg Panty Review

Those who have worn narrow, suffocating body shapers to events all day understand what long days feels like. This is a much better option than cheap, pretension-laden long-leg panties. As a result, it provides flexibility and a great deal of comfort.

Its greatest attribute is its ability to release humidity, and this, in turn, ensures ultimate freshness and hygiene. Additionally, its superb results in firming your sides, stomach, and misshapen behinds, the non-roll stretch fabric high waist panty is also renowned for its superb results in shaping your thighs.

Furthermore, there’s a surprise bonus in the form of generous support for the lower back. In short, this best body shaper for a large stomach leads to all large-bellied women rediscovering their former self-confidence.

  • Cool, breathable shapewear designed for the summer heat.

  • Fits perfectly because it stretches.

  • Your stomach will be firm in no time.

  • It provides healthy lower back support.

  • Overall, excellent quality. 

  • The best body shaping products after having a baby 

  • Getting used to it might take a while




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Gotoly Quick Weight Loss, Adjustable Straps Waist Cincher /Tank Top Review

Effortlessly defeat all shapes and looks fears with this waister cincher, an absolute gem that is ideal for the big woman. You can find it very useful when dealing with health issues. These include back problems, stubborn post-pregnancy belly, herniated discs, back pain, and fitness issues.

The comfortable material makes it perfect for wearing while running, aerobic exercises, yoga, playing golf, weightlifting, at the gym, or just walking the dog. The compression binder found around the waist is the most striking feature of this bamboo fiber/spandex body shaper.

This is where you attain good posture, lumbar support, and pain relief. A recent design feature that we really like is the anti-droop breast design (U-type) and the easy-to-pull and easy-to-hide zipper. In addition to making you look slimmer and sexier, it will also help you feel better after delivering your bundle of joy and will help you look slimmer in the future.

  • Feels soft and silky again.

  • It is easy to open and close the zipper.

  • Excellent support for the back.

  • The fabric is very stretchy at all the right points.

  • Does not feel hot at all.

  • Choosing the right full body shapewear

  • If you are too tall, it may not work for you



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Junlan Waist Trainer Bodysuit Women’s Corset Cincher- best bodysuit shapewear Review

Junlan is another amazing plus-size girdle that comes with adjustable straps, ensuring you can get the perfect fit. Wearing this open bra design garment you receive comfort from the adjustable shoulder straps, which help lower the pressure on your shoulders.

This best shapewear for the tummy and waist produces your dream hourglass figure effortlessly because of the superior compression around the midsection and the support along the sides. You will also feel like the queen you have always been with the push-up belt’s attractive breast-highlighting effect.

Moreover, it does not roll or move anyhow, making it the best body shaper for a large belly. Furthermore, the material is very strong and stretchy, so it works perfectly as you might expect. Junlan Waist trainers are an excellent option for plus-size individuals who want stunning looks despite their size.

  • It fits perfectly.

  • It remains intact.

  • Feels soft once again.

  • Pricing is great.

  • The back coverage is excellent.

  • Best Body Shaper for Weight Loss

  • A bit difficult to get into



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Eleady Women’s Steel-Boned Body Shaper (with Adjustable Straps) Review

There is no denying that an increasing number of people are abandoning their old choices for this and we can clearly see why.

It looks as if this steel-boned bodywear was specifically designed for women with large stomachs by an understanding woman. It really is that good! Breast care is made easier with anti-drooping U-type breast construction. For a spectacular look, you can tighten the hold with a classic easy-to-pull zipper.

The three hook-and-eye closure columns that you will find within the waist cincher vest will ensure that it fits your body even if your belly is gigantic. Most importantly, the ergonomic design will ensure an easy wearing experience.

Last but not least, it’s made from a blend of polyester and spandex, which makes it feel ultra-soft. We think it is one of those shapers where it is hard to find any faults.

  • The design is cute.

  • There is a lot of support in the right places.

  • Ergonomic design

  • Stunning curves every time

  • It takes patience to get the sizing right


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Sliot Women High Waist Girdle, Waisted Briefs Review

In addition to its ability to combat postpartum challenges, this hourglass shapewear claims to solve most other problems; including ugly bellies and sagging backs. The unique design of its product works to refine your body without making you feel confined. Furthermore, you can simply slip it on like a regular shirt.

Additionally, it performs instantly and allows you to attain the hourglass figure that you’ve been aiming for quickly. Furthermore, in order to secure your tight and perfect body shape in place, it adds light boning. In short, you can rely on this brief for all your problems and tummy-related issues.

  • Its bucket-load of benefits represents wonderful value!

  • Fits discreetly under any type of cloth.

  • Super comfortable and breathable.

  • Best body shaper for tummy and back fat-nicely lifts your butt.

  • More color options

  • Not that easy to wash


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We have presented you with the reviews of the top 8 Best Plus Size Shapewear for Tummy Control. Each Shapewear is designed to provide you great comfort and each product has its own features but all these shapewear collectively target to keep you in perfect shape.


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