Top 7 Best Butt Lifting Shapewear to Buy in 2021

Butt Lifting Shapewear is basically an undergarment worn as an enhancer, to help achieve the desired result without surgical intervention. Women are hesitant to undergo plastic surgery to get perfect bottom shapes, and it requires a lot of money, so they are at a loss when making such a huge decision. Shapewear or enhancer with bottom-lifting properties is a great alternative to having work done on your butt while you search for the ideal butt lift workout.

Getting a bum out of wearing an underwear enhancer offers several benefits. In addition to being painless, bum lift underwear produces results instantly without privacy violations (if you’re ordering online, you’ll just have to cover shipping) and is only a fraction of the cost of surgery.


Bottom-lifting shapewear and enhancers are regarded by most women as bras for the buttocks since they hold and lift the buttocks to create an ideal shape just as bras lift women’s breasts so that they have cleavage. They are often called boy shorts shapewear, butt body shapers, or buttock lifters. It’s also sometimes called lifting panties or padded underwear.

Although the premise of padded underwear remains the same, there are differences between different brands of underwear and shapewear for butt lifting. The best brands are made with high-quality materials, whereas others don’t work as well and fall short, depending on the situation. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best butt-lifting underwear and enhancer in the market for 2021, all of which can be ordered online and delivered.


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Spanx Oncore Tummy-Control Compression Back Fat Shapewear

Vinmin Valentina Women’s Hot Body Shapewear for Back Fat

Butt Lifting Shapewear Reviews

Following are the reviews of the top 7 best butt lifting shapewear:

EMPETUA High Waist Shaper Shorts Review

EMPETUA High Waist shapewear shorts are a perfect shapewear choice no matter your size or shape! Sizes are ranging from 0 to 15, providing versatility and body-hugging properties for a flat stomach and hourglass figure. Additionally, it enhances the booty by making it perkier and bigger.

Wear it with a variety of outfits to stay discreet; it covers your tummy, waist, and back. Besides this, it fits snugly without any pain and does not hurt the bones when worn. Even though they don’t offer the best cooling effect, they do their part to keep your curves smooth and accentuated.

Feature We like the most

  • A wide range of sizes and shapes are available.
  • Shapewear that is effective for the back, waist, hips, and buttocks
  • It looks discrete and remains unnoticed because of its design

  • There are 15 different sizes available

  • The best shapewear to provide natural sexy curves

  • Has a comfortable fit and does not feel too tight or painful

  • Shapewear can sometimes roll down

  • If you wear very short clothes, you might see them because they aren’t panties


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SAYFUT – Women’s Butt Shaper with Seamless Tummy Control & Hi-waist Thigh Slimmer Review

The second item on the list is this butt shaper from SAYFUT. When it comes to fast results, this underwear is the real deal. You can have seamless tummy control and slimmer thighs at the same time. Thus, it not only lifts your buttocks but also gives your tummy a flat and sexy shape. The tummy control feature allows you to tuck away unwanted tummy fat, so you’ll look sexy and slim in body-hugging dresses.

The butt lifting underwear doesn’t have pads which can create the illusion of bigger buttocks like padded underwear. It merely lifts your buttocks so that you can show off your buttock’s natural shape. The result is that most women are satisfied with the product, and they don’t feel concerned about distorted pads.

Feature We like the most

  • Made from high-quality materials, it provides a seamless and comfortable fit.
  • There are multiple size options, from small to triple extra-large, so there is a size to fit all types of bottom shapes.
  • Full-coverage underwear that enhances your buttocks’ natural shape by lifting the whole rear.
  • The tummy control and high waist thigh slimmer not only shape your butt but also helps tighten your abdomen and upper thigh for an exceptionally slim appearance.
  • Women who want slimmer thighs and a thigh gap may benefit from this product.
  • This underwear is ideal for those who love to wear leggings. The best buttlifters can see before and after results from it.
  • Good muscle tone builder that shapes the body

  • Inconspicuously lifts the bottom and makes it look bigger

  • Effective shapewear for tummy and waist

  • It’s not the best idea to wear a lifter with dresses

  • There isn’t much coverage on the cheeks


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KIWI RATA Butt Lifter Review

The KIWI RATA butt lifter offers good padding to add to the measurements your natural booty may lack. It’s designed as shorts, short enough to wear under short dresses without people knowing you’re wearing any paddings under clothing. Besides this, it also has some padding around the hip area and edges for curvier looks.

Feature We like the most

  • Breathable fabrics that keep you dry
  • Wear shapewear with any type of clothing
  • Natural way to create sexier butt curves
  • The enhancer shorts can be worn over anything without looking out of place

  • For people with flat butts and hips, extra padding is available

  • Adjustable and easily cleanable padding

  • Designed to target hips and buttocks and not the waist

  • This isn’t for those with large hips or buttocks

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FUT Butt Lifting shapewear Review

You can get the curves you want without looking like you’re wearing an enhancer with FUT Butt Lifter panties. Because the panties are invisible, you can wear your favorite dress, jeans, or whatever you want while looking more youthful. The pantyhose cover the back of the thighs and improve hip dimension while also reducing tummy fat and giving you a firmer, slimmer look.

Feature We like the most

  • Breathable fabrics for comfortable days
  • Shapewear can be worn with any clothing
  • Naturally shapes the butts
  • This shapewear and butt enhancer targets the hips and bottom

  • It can be worn over jeans or a dress without looking too obvious

  • Stylish and easy to maintain, panties will last for a long time

  • It is not made for people with flat hips or butts

  • Thong-like designs might seem strange at first

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Beauty in – Women’s Butt & Body Shapers Panties Review

Several booty shapewear and bodysuits are targeted toward women with big butts, but what about the ladies with a slim figure and slim legs? What if you are perfectly happy with the shape of your thighs and only have issues with the shape of your rear?

If you want the best booty lifter panties, Beauty In has the perfect pair. It is specially designed for women who have naturally slim thighs and a substantial amount of skin on their derriere.

Moreover, the flesh color of the bum lift panty makes it the perfect undergarment that matches any color of clothing that you choose. The shape of the buttocks in the panty is also something users admire.

Feature We like the most

  • You can get a cute shape even if you don’t have a big butt with these panties that give your small butt a perkier look.
  • You should buy this body shaper if you are between sizes 5 and 6 (underwear sizing).
  • Under your tightest leggings, you can comfortably wear this underwear.
  • People won’t know you have padded panties on since there will be no underwear lines.
  • For a small derriere that looks perky and plump, this is the perfect underwear.
  • The product works well and provides the desired results, but some women cut the thong-like material in between

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LANFEI – Women’s Butt Lifter and Enhancer Shaper Panties

Because of their curvier shapes, some women prefer underwear with more elasticity. LANFEI’s Butt Enhancer panty is the perfect choice for anyone who thinks the same way. Its underwear is 85% nylon and 15% spandex, making it extra elastic and comfortable, unlike the other butt lifting underwear on this list. In addition to creating a nice shape for your bottom, this panty adds dimension to your hips, so you appear to have a wider hip, which in turn emphasizes your slim waist.

However, it isn’t recommended for women with a lot of flesh on their upper thigh because the edge might roll up and make you feel uncomfortable. In such cases, you can opt for a bigger sizing to accommodate your thigh shape, but then again this might affect the fit and overall elasticity of the panty.

The manufacturer of this bum lift underwear recommends that you get one size bigger than your usual size. If you are thicker on the side and have meaty thighs, then consider going two sizes up.

Feature We like the most

  • It is made from a durable material, which makes it the perfect butt lifter panty for curvy women.
  • If you have fleshier upper thighs, this is great shapewear for you, since it has more elasticity than comparable undergarments.
  • It is effective for both butt lifting and belly fat tucking.
  • As you move throughout the day, it does not ride up. The back only gets lifted.

  • Shapewear doesn’t ride up or ride down your waist or legs

  • With shape control, it produces stunning curves

  • Inconspicuous butt lift with adequate coverage and minimal pads

  • Made from 85% nylon and 15% spandex


  • Tight pants may cause discomfort to the bum

  • A larger design is required since the design is too small

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SEXYWG –Women’s Butt and Body Shaper/Lifter Tummy Control Seamless Panty

Its curve challenge feature makes this seamless panty a top favorite for ladies with curvy figures, as it makes it a perfect fit. Additionally, the material used is very comfortable and light to wear, so you can wear them at any time and in any season. It also features a full-coverage rear and a tummy tuck system to remove your muffin top without causing lines.

One thing that users particularly love about the product is the levels of comfort the panties give to the wearer. With just one touch, you can tell it has the smoothness and elasticity you need when it comes to underwear that lifts your bottom. The SEXYWG butt lifter body shaper is made from high-quality material and has rear circular cut-outs, giving your butt an instant boost. For women with fleshy thighs, though, you must choose the right size, as the thigh area might be a little too tight if you go with one size smaller than your regular size. This is one of the best choices for an enhancer this 2021!

Feature We like the most

  • Circular cut-outs at the rear of pants give your butt the instant boost it needs to look plump and perky.
  • Those who prefer not to wear thick pants will enjoy wearing this lightweight material.
  • Most buyers are pleased with the fabric and quality of the enhancer.
  • With its long-lasting shape-holding properties, it works well on women with large buttocks.

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Advantages of Wearing Butt Lifting Shapewear

Buttlifters produce remarkable results. By simply putting on the specially made underwear, they provide a quick and simple butt-lift compared to steroids, plastic surgery, diets, and exercise.

  • Aside from that, shapewear of this type is surprisingly comfortable. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many women wear them daily.
  • Most of these shapewear products offer a natural look since they do not contain foam or silicone cups that can move around as the body moves throughout the day.
  • Having a few curves can help you attract that special someone, and let’s be honest; nobody is gifted in every way.
  • Keeping it real here, it often feels good to be able to turn some heads now and then.

Furthermore, if you value a nice booty to look at when you look in the mirror you might be interested in getting a Butt Lifter since they do what they claim.


We have presented you with the reviews of the Top 7 Best Butt Lifting Shapewear. All these Butt Lifting Shapewear have unique features. Hope you would love to try out these Butt Lifting Shapewear.

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