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Shapewear for FUPA might be a term that is more attractive to the ladies who are facing FUPA issues. FUPA refers to the Fat in the Upper Pubic Area of the body.  FUPA is a common problem among many ladies. It actually distorts the beauty of a female. Shapewear for FUPA might come in handy in order to get rid of this appearance. Though there are various causes of the FUPA, the more common causes of the FUPA have been mentioned below.

What Causes a FUPA?

FUPA is a complicated issue. Although it can be concealed by using normal FUPA Shapewear, it can be visible during special events or if one wears extra clothing. It puts people under stress and strain. Following are the several causes of the FUPA.

The result of genetic susceptibility

Genes play a major role in the storage of fatty acids in the body. An accumulation of fat cells in the reserve area, where several types of fatty acids are distributed, usually associated with genetic stress. However, they store different parts of the body and specific areas. People tend to have a difficult time losing weight in this area.

shapewear for FUPA


Women tend to build FUPA after giving birth as their muscles weakened around the uterus.

Poor Diet

If you follow a poor diet, you may suffer from FUPA. The high sodium levels in processed and inflammatory foods like corn syrup, alcohol, salt, and high sugar can dramatically increase fat levels while reducing bloating.

Cause of Fupa



Work, family, and relationship problems can cause people to become stressed, which can result in malnutrition, which can cause them to lose weight.


Stress FUPA

Best Shapewear for FUPA Reviews

Following are the reviews of the top 6 Best Shapewear for FUPA:

Product Name 

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Flexees Maidenform Women’s Shapewear for FUPA

Gotoly Women's Body Shapewear for FUPA

Irisnaya Tummy Control Waist Trainer Full Vest Shaper for FUPA

Flexees Maidenform Women’s Shapewear for FUPA Review

The expansion of Flexees’ shapewear collection is likely to lead them to concentrate more on waistline problems. That’s the exact reason why Flexees created the Maidenform  Hi-Waist Brief.

Your body is secretly shaped and slimmed when you wear a high-waisted undergarment. It will be an eye-opening experience to see inches disappear. For women who want to cover their muffin tops, this item is a must-have!

Here’s a look at how this muffin top shapewear is designed. Your body will be shaped like an hourglass with the Flexees briefs. Your tummy will look smoother when you use it. There is no wonder it is also the best shapewear for the tummy and waist!

Bulges and bumps in your body can be kept hidden with the fabric used in construction. This streamlined silhouette is perfect for you! How’s the fit? Having a high-waist option is a huge plus for someone with a muffin top.

Additionally, this shapewear does not roll down. Since this waistband is fitted with silicone elastic, it eliminates such problems. Don’t let your muffin top bother you. Make such shapewear a part of your lingerie collection.

It can be worn on an everyday basis, which makes comfortable shapewear very appealing. It’s not just for special occasions that you should slim your love handles. This Flexees Maidenform Shapewear Hi-Waist Brief enables you to do it on a daily basis. Wearing the brief with thin clothing is not a good idea. Sadly, it shows panty lines.


  • Targets love handles and muffin top
  • Helps to smooth from the bra line to mid-thigh
  • Firm control fabric feels comfortable all-day
  • Offer Maximum comfort and freedom of movement
  • This material has an optimal constricting, thick, and durable quality.

  • The elastic waistband holds the tummy in place well.

  • The silicone waistband stays in place.

  • The brief is not seamless.



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Gotoly Women’s Body Shapewear for FUPA Review

You should consider this body wear if you’re looking for a top-rated shaper that understands what super slim means.

With its super thin edge, it is almost 100% invisible under your clothing, giving you that hourglass figure of your dreams. The resulting curves in your buttocks will surely impress your buddies.

This soft and elastic panty girdle feels great underneath your dress because it has excellent breathability. It is also moisture-wicking and very comfortable.

In addition, it is antibacterial, meaning even more care is given to your skin. Plus, it is so lightweight that you will feel like you are not wearing anything at all.

In general, this could be the perfect present for a bride-to-be, for a postpartum mother, or for your plus-size girlfriend hoping to get a flat stomach quickly.


  • Made with soft and comfortable material,
  • It works to reduce tummy and offer a good front silhouette
  • Enhancing and hip abundant, the fabric will offer a beautiful buttock curve.
  • Construct with High elastic seamless design
  • The fabric is very soft and comfortable

  • It is comfortable even in hot summer months because it is so breathable.

  • Despite being elastic, it fits oversized women perfectly!

  • Creates a sultry curve in the buttocks.

  • Fits almost all clothing.

  • Sizing charts are quite difficult to understand.


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Irisnaya Tummy Control Waist Trainer Full Vest Body Shapewear for FUPA Review

The Irisyana body shapewear is very popular among women who want tummy control and smoothing at the same time. This piece shapes your back rolls evenly, which is something many women struggle with. As a matter of fact, the current style even minimizes the appearance of big boobs.

How would you describe the chest support in this case? Are there wires, cups, or any other materials similar to this? Because wires and bralette are absent, the support is flattening. That may or may not make sense to you if you have larger breasts. This also means you can wear your favorite bra.

Next, you’re likely to like the content most. It is highly elastic, breathable, soft, silky, and comfortable. Its fabric is a mixture of nylon and spandex. That keeps you comfortable in any weather condition while also being quick-drying and lightweight. The double-layer compression is also excellent for keeping tummies in check.


  • Easy to wear and convenient to use the bathroom
  • Its unique design will help to tighten your bottom and lift your butt
  • Improving your posture will relieve waist and back pain
  • Comes with a back cross and double-layer design

Pros & Cons

  • The fabric is lightweight, soft, and stretchable

  • Super-elastic to allow free movement of the body

  • Bathroom visits are made easier with the adjustable crotch and hooks

  • With a scoop neckline, this can be worn with jeans, shorts, etc.

  • Completely flattens/squishes the chest

  • The bottom opening rubs against the thighs




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Shaper Queen 102 Thong Women Waist Cincher Shapewear for FUPA Review

Are you more comfortable wearing tight-fitting clothing? Then you need something stronger. It’s like a girdle! ShaperQueen 102 Thong Waist Cincher Girdle Panty Shapewear is one example. Now let’s find out if the product’s features list is as long as its title.

It is both sexy and effective to wear this ShaperQueen waist cincher girdle. Your buttocks will be enhanced by the thong design. Avoid panty lines at the same time! Moreover, the high-waisted pattern provides sufficient coverage for the torso. There are areas under firm control that are targeted. Get a slimmer silhouette by reducing your waistline!

Additionally, the girdle is equipped with a light boning system. When it comes to preventing the rolling down problem, this component comes in handy. As a result, the undergarment remains in place throughout its entirety.

This can be worn with all types of elegant outfits and you can rest assured that this Muffin Top Shapewear will be helpful in trimming your tummy size in the most relaxing and flattering manner possible. 

ShaperQueen Shapewear is one of the best options that is equipped with plenty of features. The shapewear is made of [remium quality material, it is anti-bacterial, super comfortable, and breathable. It is the top recommended for intensive back and midsection support. And for the postpartum time of your life.

You can rely on this Muffin Top Shaper for sturdy support and firm control. But there is one drawback of this shapewear that it feels like it’s digging into your hips which can seem like it looks lumpy.


  • Helps to relieve lower back pain
  • Provides midsection and back support by improving posture
  • 3 Hooks and eye closure will allow you to easily adjust the tightness
  • Its four flexible bones will help to keep the garment in place


  • It’s a seamless, breathable girdle.

  • Light boning added to prevent rolling.

  • Midsection compression is great for posture.

  • Thong design is not for all.

  • Seams dig into the skin.

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Spanx Oncore Tummy-Control Compression Shapewear for FUPA

Wouldn’t it be great to have a full-body shapewear bodysuit for smoothing out the bulges and curves on your body? This Spanx Tummy-Control Compression Bodysuit is a perfect form-fitting fashion statement.

One of the best things about this bodysuit is the bottom opening, which allows for bathroom visits. The opening is large enough to accommodate what’s necessary to answer nature’s calls. Your pantyhose can also be slit to the same size as the opening in the bodysuit.

Exercising to lose weight indeed takes effort and patience, isn’t it? How about bringing in some additional support along the way? This is especially true when shapewear is comfortable to wear all day. The entire front is fully bonded, offering tummy control and slimming side panels that are bonded.


  • Pros
    • Heat retention is a benefit of nylon shapewear during cold weatherA stretchy, snug fit is also provided by spandexA flat, squeezable slimming panel is made of bonded panelsOpenings on both sides of the crotch make restroom visits easy
    • When the fit isn’t perfect, the legs tend to ride up


shapewear for FUPA

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Squeem Curve Motion Mid Waist Shapewear for FUPA 

The Squeem “Curve Emotion” Mid-Waist Boyshort gives you a flat stomach. The product boosts your confidence level by lifting and contouring in all the right places when you’re meeting the crowd.

With spandex boyshorts of this quality, your hips and rear will get all the help they need. An additional level of comfort and control is provided with its two-way stretch fabric.

For high-waisted jeans, pants, and skirts, it is perfect. In addition, it works well on high-waist jeans and shorts with short or mid-length hems.

Whenever you wear this shirt, you will feel comfortable, since it is flat and smooth on your thighs. Regardless of what you wear, it remains invisible underneath your clothes, so there is no need to worry about it showing. The boning is flexible and made with stainless steel so it does not roll up or down unnecessarily.

Along with highlighting your upper body curves, it also helps achieve a rounder rear with its ruched center back seam.

  • Curves on the upper body

  • Does not offer ruched center back seam

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We have reviewed the top 6 Best Shapewear for FUPA. Readers are recommended to try out these best shapewear for FUPA in order to get an amazing appearance.

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