Top 10 Best Shapewear for Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses are the most researched phrase for anyone looking to buy the best shapewear for the first time. Choosing the wrong undergarments can quickly convert a fashion do into a fashion don’t. The right undergarments will help you avoid underwear lines, bras that cut into your back, and thongs that stick out. The breathability of the fabric and the long-term comfort of the clothing are also important considerations.

It’s frustrating when you aren’t sure what to wear or feel no confidence in your dress choices especially since what you want to wear is that stunning bodycon dress you’ve got stashed in your closet. The ultimate party dress is the bodycon dress, which clings to every curve.  

If you want to know everything about bodycon dresses, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will be starting from scratch to truly understand the product you are looking for. We have also researched the best body shapewear for bodycon dresses and presented you with the top 10 best shapewear reviews for bodycon dresses. We have done this research so that you may not have to waste your time looking for the best shapewear for bodycon dresses. Now let’s start with what a bodycon dress is? 

Note: This blog contains the whole information regarding bodycon dresses and we are addressing all your queries related to the bodycon dresses in this blog.

What Is a Bodycon Dress?

Classic styles are timeless and you can keep them in your closet for a lifetime. Likewise, there are some trends we wish would be short-lived and never return. During the 1990s, we saw the introduction of a bodycon dress. Its sales soared and it became the most popular clothing item in the world. The frock is still cherished even after decades. Now, you must be wondering: What is a bodycon dress?

A bodycon dress is a piece of clothing designed to hug your body. Designed to fit tightly around your body, these dresses are made of stretchy materials.  So now you have a better idea of what a bodycon dress is. It’s a fascinating dress, but we’re curious about its fashion history. We need to learn what bodycon means and how we should wear this style. Check out the next few pages to learn how to wear this dress and even see some examples.

The Lost History Of The Bodycon Dress

Bodycon has survived decades of fashion. Hérve Peugnet introduced bodycon dresses to the world in the early 1990s. The term “bodycon” refers to either “body consciousness” or “body confidence.” These dresses were designed to showcase a woman’s figure. Body-hugging fabrics are made of thin materials that easily stretch across a female’s silhouette.

A bodycon dress is not the same thing as a bandage dress. Both dresses are designed to fit snugly against your skin. However, the bodycon design does not provide shaping. It also does not support your figure in any way. On the other hand, a bandage dress is made from layers of materials that will shape your figure by nipping and tucking.


What is the difference between Bandage and Bodycon dress?

Bandage Dress

Knowing the definition of bodycon as a piece of clothing designed to hug your body is the first step to recognizing it and investing your money in the right thing. Composite heavy bandage fabric is the material used to produce authentic bandage dresses. The material controls bulges and supports curves. Bandage dresses are meant to shape you and tuck you in.

A bandage dress is tight, durable, and sturdy. The garments are made to fit like a glove or second skin, hugging your curves to smooth and shapely perfection. 


Bodycon Dress:

The bodycon dress provides no support for your figure and is often worn in warmer weather due to its relaxed fit and lighter fabric. Women indeed come in all sizes, so bodycon dresses can be unforgiving for many of us. They are not a good choice when you are insecure about your body because they don’t provide your body with any support and are designed to trace your body rather than shape it. 

But you don’t have to worry about this because we have well researched the top 10 best shapewear for bodycon dresses you can wear to look sexy and dashing.

What Do You Wear Under A Bodycon Dress?

It can be difficult to decide what undergarments to wear with bodycon dresses since they are form-fitting. It’s not just that you need to wear something under your dress, but you might also need to camouflage a few parts of your body.

To begin, let’s look at some undergarments that do not shape, but provide a seamless appearance.


Panties come in so many styles and shapes. The coverage ranges from full to barely there. The panty line should not be visible when wearing a form-fitting dress, regardless of how you style it.

You may find the following panty styles appropriate for a bodycon dress:

  • There are no panty lines on Thong or G-string underwear since they provide little coverage. The waistline tends to be lower with this style.
  • Underwear in the form of boyshorts usually comes in a rectangle shape that sits lower on the waist. The panty line is not visible in most dresses.
  • There are many styles and shapes of seamless panties. If your panty style and the dress fit you properly, there might be an alternative technique to hide the dreaded panty line.



The bra you choose should fit you properly. No bulges, please. After that, make sure your bra matches the dress. Depending on the style of your dress, you may have a plunging neckline, a racerback, a backless or strapless design. Bras come in the following different styles:

  • Flexible straps:  Various bras come with flexible straps that can be removed or altered to completely match your dress design. 
  • Clear straps: There is no doubt that bra straps offer intensive support. If you want a bra with straps but don’t want to reveal those straps then a clear straps bra is the right choice.
  • Adhesives: Another brilliant idea to take into consideration is using an adhesive bra. As they adhere to your skin, they are sort of like glue. These bras provide a great alternative to typical bras, as they can be easily hidden under your dress.


Now, if you feel that you need some shaping or smoothing under your dress, then shapewear is what you need. Adding shapewear to your wardrobe is essential. Not only is it a base layer underneath a bodycon dress, but it provides support for your figure while removing lines. Shapewear feels like a  second skin. However, it shouldn’t be visible under your clothing.

Categories Of Shapewear To Don Under Your Bodycon Dress

Camisole or tank tops: Camisoles or tank tops are the most ideal. They work well to slim the belly and the back. The majority of designs are designed to cover your stomach just below your hips. These tops give your upper body a smooth appearance.

Waist cincher: Using a cincher, you can tighten your waist and create a more hourglass-shaped silhouette.

Bodysuit:  A bodysuit provides uniform and full coverage. These are ideal for bodycon dresses of all kinds, including those with strapless shoulders and thong backs.

Slips: This shaper smooths out your hips and thighs. Slips are excellent for lighter control under your dress.

Capris, leggings, or tights: These types of shapers will tuck in your thighs, bottom, and tummy when worn with tights. Depending on their length, they are footed or footless.

What Should You Wear Over A Bodycon Dress?

Now we are sure that you have likely chosen a bodycon dress to wear. The beauty of the bodycon dress can be further enhanced by wearing additional accessories or garments and weather play an important role in deciding this. Here are some ideas of what to wear over your bodycon:

Coats or jackets

The Bodycon will not be the warmest clothing you’ve ever worn. You can stay warm and stylish by layering your dress with a trench coat, a shrug sweater, or a fitted blazer.

Shawls or wraps

An eye-catching shawl or wrap can make a solid-colored dress stand out. Wearing either of them can also be a fun way to add a layer when it is too warm for a coat.


Belts: Belts can be worn in several stylish ways. Adding color or texture to an outfit with them is easy. Furthermore, they can also make your waist appear smaller.


You can easily transform the tone of your outfit by pairing your dress with an elegant necklace if you’re self-conscious of appearing too young. The result will be a more refined and sophisticated appearance. Wearing the right accessories will depend on the occasion.

A semi-revealing and form-fitting fit must be balanced out with a more professional and sensible look when you’re planning an outfit for work. Pairing a bodycon dress with carefully chosen accessories can help you achieve this look.


If you’re getting ready for a night out with the girls, wear a few pieces of jewelry. Necklaces make a great addition to bodycon dress outfits, depending on the neckline of the dress. Making your collarbone stand out, helps frame your face.

In addition to serving as a focal point, necklaces allow you to experiment with different designs and gemstones. Be sure to team your outfit with the right accessories to avoid looking too overdressed.

There are stylish, sized, and shaped bodycon dresses available on the market. It is also good to note that bodycon dresses can be worn by women of all sizes and shapes. Those who are comfortable wearing them with shapewear can easily pull off this fashion staple.

Top 10 Best Shapewear for Bodycon Dresses Reviews:

Following are the reviews of the top 10 best shapewear for bodycon dresses to buy in 2021:

  • Maidenform Flexees Shapewear Romper Bodycon Dress Review:

Maidenform Flexees Shapewear fits perfectly under tight-fitting bodycon dresses. A lot of women find this to be very effective at highlighting the waist and chest area. There are wide straps on this romper, so it is well-supported. Moreover, it is made with nylon and elastane.

The elastane and nylon blend is easy to hand wash and dry. The romper also provides body support for everyday wear. Added support is provided by the wide straps. This will help your chest and back to remain in good posture.

Since the legs are non-binding, they are flexible and soft. A shapewear item like this is really effective at enhancing the body’s shape. The dress can be worn for only a short time or for a long time. This material feels firm, soft, and light.

Everything is really smoothed out with the fabric. This shapewear is even suitable for work. Do you spend hours at your desk? This shapewear will keep you comfortable and well-supported. Now you have a whole new style to choose from for work outfits.


  • It is lightweight and has a firm tummy control.
  • Hook-and-eye closure is easy to use.
  • The legs do not ride up.


  • Straps on the dress are too wide-set for sleeveless dresses.

(View on Amazon)

  • SPANX Women’s Thinstincts Bodycon Dress Review:

Compared to the top pick, this is slightly longer. It reaches up to the mid-thighs. So taller women can use these to shape and cover their torsos better. It’s the perfect choice for you. Spanx is a  tough competitor. Smooth and comfortable cushioning is provided by this product. It’s surprising how such a thin fabric can be so versatile. The “Thinstincts” support is both soft and breathable.

Lightweight and seamless, this bodysuit feels great. The material doesn’t bind or bunch up in one place. There is no rolling up of the legs. You will find the straps to be comfortable on your shoulders. In addition, the non-slip fabric adds another unexpected benefit. It means the fabric stays put even when it’s an open-bust style.

Overall, this would make a great bodysuit to go with bodycon dresses. It is lightweight, smooth, and comfortable. Even in sleeveless dresses, the straps stay in place and do not show.


  • The compression is exceptional.
  • The shoulder straps stay in one place.
  • The legs don’t roll or ride up.


  • None so far


SPANX Shapewear for Women Lightweight Layer Open-Bust Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

(View on Amazon)

Nebility Women Bodycon Dress Review:

Interested in shapewear that will effectively shape you? It’s high-waist shapewear that’s firm and tight. Due to its high waist, it provides incredible tummy control. It can smoothen your body, starting from the under-bust region. Therefore, it provides midsection and waist compression.

You should consider trying such shapewear because it’s supportive and comfortable. You might like this option if you’re hesitant to wear light-colored bodycon dresses. Featuring spandex and polyester, the fit is firm and flexible.

There is also a butt-lifting feature on the backside that most women simply adore. Giving you an hourglass shape. You will see a flatter stomach taking you all the way down to a fuller, rounder buttocks. Approximately 24 hours of breathability is provided by the fabric. Cushioning your skin, it prevents sweat from accumulating and keeps you from feeling hot. Both the outside and inside of the fabric remain cool.


  • Standing and sitting postures are corrected.
  • An all-in-one shaper and tummy control.
  • No tugging or pulling.


  • Make sure you buy the exact size you need


Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear Hi-Waist Double Tummy Control Panty Waist Trainer Body Shaper

(View on Amazon)

Arabella Women’s Firm Control Seamless Slip Bodycon Dress Review

With Arabella Firm Control Seamless Shapewear, you can wear a bodycon dress with confidence. It’s comfortable and airy. The main reason is that these are slip shapewear rather than the traditional panty-waist ones.

Shapewear choices of this type are inexpensive and popular. If you would like a more customized fit without hook-and-eye closure. It’s time for you to get one of these slip shapewear. This product has an extremely thick material that offers amazing compression.

It is tight at the top, middle, and bottom, but still feels soft. Having a non-slip slip means that it won’t bunch up or ride up. No matter where you are, it stays in one place without causing a fuss.

Another advantage of the fabric is that it is machine washable. Machine washing does not work well for standard shapewear. Therefore, they require special attention and care. However, not this shapewear for bodycon dresses requires any additional care or attention.


  • Firm and high-level compression.
  • Supportive and adjustable, the straps provide a great fit.
  • The length is perfect for bodycon dresses.


  • It may feel a bit too tight around the hips.

Amazon Brand - Arabella Women's Firm Control Seamless Slip Shapewear

(View on Amazon)

Maidenform Sleek Smoothers Hi-Waist Bodycon dress Shapewear Review:


Among the many popular choices is the Maiden Smoother. It’s perfect for tight dresses. Almost any woman can wear it successfully because of its shape and fit. High-waist shapewear is one of the main reasons it is so popular.

Almost any outfit will look good with it. This is especially important when it comes to bodycon dresses. Go with Maidenform if you want something foolproof and effective. You can trust it because it is such an established brand.

Size charts are accurate, which means there is no need to worry about finding the right one. Stylish and functional, this is the perfect combination of both. Its outstanding firmness is endorsed by customer reviews.

It’s quite flexible because it doesn’t have a rigid structure. This dress does not have boning and is therefore stretchable to accommodate bigger sizes. Consider going one size up for better compression if you have a bigger tummy.


  • Thick and firm fabric.
  • Easy to take off throughout the day.
  • The crotch is stretchable and soft.


  • None so far.

Maidenform Sleek Smoothers Hi-Waist Boyshort Shapewear

(View on Amazon)

Curvi Shapewear Underwire Body Slimmer Shapewear Review

Fitting yourself properly is easy with the Curvi Shapewear. Besides offering compression, it looks sexy as well. too. This is a shapewear slip that stops around the mid-thighs. Thus, it provides coverage for your bust, stomach, and hips.

The fabric of this shapewear is light and soft. Underwires provide better support for the bust. Additionally, underwires give your breasts a more sculpted appearance. Thus, if you want to accentuate the fullness of your breasts, you should wear his shapewear.

Shapewear is prevented from slipping off by the silicone lining. The material is kept in place, so it won’t roll. The straps of this dress are very flattering to the eye. Thus, allowing you to combine this sleeveless bodycon dress with it.

It has a padded bra, a shiny fabric, and a tight fit. A bodycon dress gives the perfect illusion of being hourglass and curvy.


  • The elastic at the bottom provides support.
  • A sleek and adjustable strap.
  • Supportive and true to size.


  • The underwire may feel stiff.


Curvi Shapewear Women's Underwire Body Slimmer with Hidden Bra

(View on Amazon)

ShaperX Tummy Control Zipper Shapewear  Review:

Shapewear with an open-bust zipper offers many benefits. The ShaperX Shapewear is especially good. The material feels and looks great on the body. You’ll look slim, shaped, and flattering with it. Despite the fact that it shows undergarments, the lace is beautiful.

Fit is adjustable and non-slip in this shapewear. This spandex-based compression garment is tight and effective. Lace accents, a black design, and adjustable straps make this shapewear stand out. This combination of features complements each other well.

A good amount of support is provided in the open-bust area. It is designed with a double closure, which ensures twice the compression. In addition, it offers effective shaping that complements bodycon dresses. Therefore, there are no bulges, folds, and wrinkles. Go for this shapewear if you wish to have better back support. It feels soft and comfortable enough to wear under normal clothes too. It’s sexy, breathable, and long-lasting.


  • Ideal girdle construction.
  • The best for post-surgical use.
  • Reduces waistline and tucks tummy.


  • Consider Ordering for a size larger than usual.

SHAPERX Shapewear for Women Tummy Control Fajas Colombianas Body Shaper Zipper Open Bust Bodysuit

(View on Amazon)

SPANX Shapewear High-Waisted Power Shorts Review:

The soft nude shade of The SPANX works perfectly under most outfits. It’s flattering and comfortable. And it’s a combination of nylon, elastane, and spandex materials all rolled in one.

It greatly offers breathability, compression, and firmness. It’s a perfect, sleek, and seamless shapewear with an elastic waistband. The amazing waistband ensures that the shapewear doesn’t lift up. Whether you’re standing, walking, or sitting down.

You get a tighter fit because it extends all the way up to your waistline. Thus, it has targeted shaping for tummy control. Maintaining a smooth and curvy figure at the same time. It’s easy to pull on the fabric. Keeping everything in place and smoothing out bulges is what it does. Thighs are tight and smooth. Featuring a split crotch which makes going to the bathroom comfortable and easy. It may be something worth considering for post-surgery recovery as well.


  • The fit is comfortable and protective.
  • Extra supportive 
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Great for sensitive skin.


  • It’s tighter from the thighs for bigger sizes.


SPANX Shapewear for Women Tummy Control High-Waisted Power Short

(View on Amazon)


  • Bali Passion Comfort Minimizer Bodysuit Review:

Bali Bodysuits are popular with lots of women. You can buy this shapewear without trying it on. This shapewear is also famously known as the “body smoother.” It is exactly the right size and is extremely well-fitting.

You won’t be disappointed with this shapewear. No pinching, no binding, and no tugging. The garment effortlessly fits around your body. Smoothing out all bulges. Compression and firmness are enhanced by the fabric. However, you can control it easily since it is adjustable. Besides being thick and breathable, the padding is also comfortable. Underwires provide better support for the bust.

Breast size is not boosted by the padding around the cup. They are particularly effective at reducing breast size. Especially if you wish to wear a bodycon dress comfortably. Then you should buy this shapewear.


  • Lightweight 
  • Seamless construction.
  • Supportive 
  • Double-layer cups.
  • Improves posture and body movements.


  •  None so far.

Bali Women's Shapewear Body Shaper with Cool Comfort(View on Amazon)

Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear Review:


For something seriously effective, look no further than Nebility’s Butt Lifter Shapewear. Aside from looking good, it feels even better. Your belly and waist are hugged by it. The skin does not protrude out of it, so no bulges appear. Furthermore, it smooths the skin so that wrinkles won’t appear. Lightweight and comfortable, this shapewear contains a butt lifter. 

For additional shaping, it has a slight butt-lifting design. As well as improving posture, the buttlifter improves alignment. Thus it’s invisible, yet it also fixes incorrect posture as well as back pain.

Whether you’re working, relaxing, or exercising, this shapewear will fit you well. It is a combination of tummy control shapewear and a waist cincher. There is nothing better than bodycon dresses for women. In addition to highlighting your curves, it helps you look much slimmer. This adds volume to your waist and buttocks by shaping them. Moreover, it smoothes and flattens the tummy for a flattering figure. All this and yet there is still no rash on the buttocks because the material is soft and breathable.


  • Ideal for postpartum recovery also.
  • The firm fit with a comfortable design.
  • The legs are not too tight.


  • No midsection support.

 Nebility Women Butt Lifter

(View on Amazon)

How to choose the best shapewear for a bodycon dress?

Following tips should be kept in mind which choosing the best shapewear for a bodycon dress:

  • The Hourglass Figure

You’ll have an advantage if you’re curvy almost all over. The only exception is if you take things too far. All of a sudden, curves can become unattractive. If you need shape and support through your entire torso, waist hips, and thighs, try a combination of the SPANX Shapewear High-Waisted Power Shorts. In addition to enhancing your bust, the bra contours the transition from your upper body to your lower body. From there, the shapewear shorts come into play to keep your waist, buttocks, and upper thighs in good shape.


  • The Straight Figure

You are always told how slim you are by everyone. While that’s great, there are times when you wish you weren’t. Our recommendation is Maidenform Sleek Smoothers Hi-Waist Shapewear if you’d like a little more variety in your measurements. Your hips will also be more defined from below your bust, as well as your chest.

  • The Apple Figure

With an inverted triangle body shape, you have good proportions, but you’re wider at the shoulders than at the hips. The Maidenform Sleek Smoothers Hi-Waist Shapewear will benefit this body type as well in terms of shaping the waist.

  • Pear Figure:

Similar to an apple-shaped body, the hips are wider than your upper body, so it’s the opposite of the apple-shaped body. It is the SPANX Shapewear High-Waisted Power Shorts that will firm up the hips and thighs that will make all the difference in your figure.

The Dos and Don’ts of Bodycon Dresses

It’s just a matter of choosing a more sophisticated and chic approach. Find out how to wear a bodycon dress by taking a look at these dos and don’ts.

“Bodycon Dress Dos”

  • Bring out your best features

Have long, slender legs that you would like to show off? Make sure you wear a bodycon dress that reaches mid-thigh, and a top with a high neckline or long sleeves to add modesty. If you would like to show off your cleavage, opt for a dress that reaches your knees.

  • Think about your body size and shape

Bodycon dresses are flattering for almost any woman, but you should pick a style that best accentuates your shape and size to avoid looking unbalanced. If you have a pear-shaped body, it’s best to wear a dress that emphasizes your upper half.

  • Create a stunning silhouette with the right undergarments

You can enhance your feminine curves and hide minor imperfections by wearing some body-control underwear.

  • Experiment with patterns if you dare

A solid black bodycon is a classic choice, or you can pick a neutral if you don’t want to stand out too much. However, if you’re feeling bold, try something new. A dress that isn’t too thin and clingy can still create a classy look.

“Bodycon Dress Don’ts”

  • Avoid thin material

Thin material is often too revealing, especially for formal occasions. If you are attending a formal event, choose a dress with an elegant design, such as ribbed or paneled details, and one made from a thick, warmer material.

  • Make sure to not overaccessorize

Don’t overdo the rest of your ensemble, and allow your bodycon dress to be the star of the show. Select a few key jewelry or accessory pieces to wear with the dress, for example, some dangling earrings, a necklace, and a clutch.

  • Avoid wearing flats

Wear a pair of stylish heels or pumps instead. The flats can give the appearance that a woman is shorter than she is, especially when worn with a bodycon dress. Both heels and pumps elongate the body, so you should choose one that accentuates your figure.

  • Avoid fizzy beverages and food

There are a lot of foods and fizzy drinks that cause bloating, which does not look good under a form-fitting dress. Stay away from fizzy drinks, and eat a healthy, light meal or snack instead.


Final Thoughts

We have presented you with an in-depth view of the bodycon dresses and all other queries related to wearing a bodycon dress. We have also presented you with the reviews of the top 10 best shapewear for bodycon dresses. Depending upon your physique, you can choose to wear any one of them with 


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