How to wear a shapewear?

How to wear shapewear?

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After knowing all the important factors about shapewear. What to choose? Which color is best? How to buy the best shapewear? Now it seems very difficult for you that how to wear shapewear? 


In this regard, you do not need to worry. Because in this article I will assist you. I will guide you on each and every circumstance about wearing shapewear in a perfect way.  


My deep research in this article will accommodate you to make yourself fit and convenient in your most favorite shapewear. 

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As shapewear comes in fit shapes and in a variety of designs, this is really problematic to wear. In contrast, wearing shapewear can be more difficult than putting on jeans and a T-shirt. 


More importantly, if you get the right size and shape according to your figure. It will be much easier for you to put on.   


Does smaller shapewear require more effort?

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Yes, of course, the smaller shapewear demands extra energy. Specifically, if you are having a healthy body and a fatty figure, the smaller size of shapewear will definitely make you feel uncomfortable and will demand extra effort while wearing. 



More importantly, this can also harm your body, it can reshape your figures like bulges and many other things. 


It should be noted, that the shapewear should be according to your size.

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Things which you need to consider while wearing shapewear 

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In particular, this should be noted that always step into your shapewear, even if you have worn slimming tops and camisoles. But, if you decide to get it over your head and shoulders, the shapewear will generate difficulties, and you will be stuck. 

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As far as my research is concerned, you should never examine and wear your shapewear as you wear a normal piece of clothing. Furthermore, the shapewear is highly designed to be tight and fit perfectly. For this reason, you must take your precious time in getting it on. 


More importantly, you should gusset hooks and fastenings fastened, while wearing your shapewear. This will support you to get everything in the perfect place. Moreover, this will not demand extra energy. 


Nonetheless, you should not ever try to wear your shapewear on dampness or freshly moisturized skin. As it will make you uncomfortable and will be impossible to wear. It should be noted, that skin must be dry so that you can wear it easily. 

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In addition, if your shapewear has got a curve inside it. Then there Is no need to wear undergarments separately. Because the curve will provide you the extra finishing and there will be no need to carry any additional thing along with shapewear.  Furthermore, the tight-fitting of the shapewear can make prominent your fabric, knickers, underneath, and undergarment. 


Specifically, you should wear tights underneath your shapewear. The reason behind recommended this is very clear, to wear tights can slip down your shapewear fabric. By wearing them on underneath your shapewear can absolutely solve this problem.


More importantly, you must show some patience, wear your shapewear gradually and slowly. So that it may not spoil the finishing. You can lie down while wearing if you feel any difficulty. 

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If you consider the subject of shapewear to be a head-scratcher, you’re not alone. The market is flooded these days with a number of admittedly confusing undergarments, each serving a different purpose. 

To help us along, we consulted an expert in the arena, Commando founder and designer Kerry O’Brien. Since being founded back in 2003, the brand has been a go-to destination for undergarments and shapewear, and it prides itself on innovation, using luxury fabrics, and flawless fit. As expected, O’Brien provided us with genius advice pertaining to the types of shapewear to pair with the wardrobe staples that we all rely on, including skinny jeans, off-the-shoulder tops, and pencil skirts.

How to wear shapewear if you are unfamiliar to control undergarments 

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If you are a newbie, and you do not have any idea about how to wear shapewear. However, you do not need to worry, my guide will assist you in this regard.  



Not familiar how to wear shapewear while wearing undergarments? You’ve come to the right place. I have got answers to the most commonly asked control conundrums to help you find the most suitable shapewear for you.

Shapewear is having quite the moment right now, with a myriad of celebrity fans and even the royal seal of approval from the Duchess of Cambridge. Since launching in 2019, Kim Kardashian West’s brand Skims, which takes a ‘solution-focused approach to shape-enhancing undergarments’, has gone from strength to strength, marking its place among new wonder brands such as Heist and Item M6 as one of the best shapewear brands on the market right now. 

With new descriptions popping up left and right, conventional names like Spanx, Wilford, and Triumph are rising to the challenge, with increasingly innovative designs. The market is booming, with global fashion search platform, Lyst reporting that searches for shapewear have risen by 22%. 

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Unfortunately, all this choice can make shopping for shapewear feel overwhelming. Between compression types, color choices, and fabric formulas, even a well-seasoned pro can be left feeling lost. So, with that in mind, I have pulled together the ultimate guide to how to wear shapewear. From picking out the correct size to which shapewear pieces work best under each garment type.

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Whenever you want! Some women wear shapewear every day, others only for special events. It often depends on the type of shapewear and its compression or control level. For example, lightweight control shapewear’s purpose is to smooth rather than control, which means it’s good for day-to-day wear. Medium-control shapewear can also be worn every day, offers a little more support, and is all about emphasizing your curves. Lastly, firm control is for your most structured garments (evening gowns, wedding, and cocktail dresses) and helps you feel sturdy and contoured. 

FAQs about how to wear shapewear?

1: Can I wear the shapewear after moisturizing my skin?


Ans: Not at all,  the reason is oily skin will create trouble while wearing shapewear. Your body should be clean and dry nicely.  

2: Can I wear the undergarment with curvy shapewear?


Ans: No you can not, because, the curvy shapewear has the capacity to make your shape perfectly. But, if you wear underwear beneath it, your undergarment lines will be visible. 


Final Thoughts 

I hope this guide has helped you a lot. And you must have enjoyed while reading. As I have mentioned and everything about how to wear shapewear, in this regard, I provided you my deep research article. I hope that you may come to any conclusion about your queries.


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