How to wear a bodycon dress if you have a tummy?

As far as ladies dressing is concerned, there is a wide variety of dresses available which women love to wear while attending festivals, events or even when they are just at home spending a holiday. There is a common perception about these dresses that a particular type of dress suits the women having a skinny or specific shaped body. And many of us believe in it and have the same perception.

Bodycon dresses also come under this type. However, this perception is wrong. In contrast with this perception, women can equally enjoy wearing this dress whether they are fat or skinny. Here we will get through and discuss some of the ways and techniques that you can adopt to hide your tummy and look skinny while wearing a bodycon dress.

Therefore, always try to follow these techniques every time you are going to wear a bodycon dress.

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Wear a belt

First of all, what you can do to help your body look skinny is to wear the belt around your bodycon dress. Suppose you were wearing a belt around your dress will and more charm and beauty to it. And it will be equally helpful in hiding your tummy to a remarkable extent.

As far as the nature of the belt is concerned, it needs to be simple, decent, and good-looking. Furthermore, it would be fantastic if you also were careful about the place of wearing your belt. The best place to wear such kind of belt is the slimmest section of your waist. It will help distract the attention of people from your tummy.

In addition to it, another thing worth mentioning here is that you always try to avoid wearing tight belts. The extra tight straps cause discomfort and distort the shape of your bodycon dress by creating folds in it. In short, wearing a belt around your bodycon dress helps give your body a flattering look effectively.

Use long cover-ups over your dress

Usage of long cover-ups over the dress is also a highly effective technique of hiding your tummy. These cover-ups not only give your body a slim and charming outlook but also make it look decent. There are different types of long cover-ups that you can use for this purpose. They include kimono style, sundress, etc.

These types of cover-ups add beauty and charm to your sense of dressing on the one hand and help your body have a flattering look on the other hand. So, whenever we talk about looking slimmer in a bodycon dress, the role of long cover-ups can not be overlooked at all.

Choose the thick material made dresses

The material of a dress also plays a crucial role in determining your body outlook. Thus, you can also modify your body shape by choosing dresses made up of a different material.

The dress you will choose must be made up of a thick material to hide your fatty body shape or, simply speaking, your tummy.

The thickness of the fabric material and the design and embellishment of your dress is also an essential factor. Without designing and structures on it, you can not get your expected results from a dress.

Therefore, whenever you are going to get a dress, keeping this factor in mind, always prefer dresses made up of thick and decorated fabric. It will help you considerably in tackling the problem of fat belly or tummy.

Don’t forget to go for shapewear

Bodycon dresses are undoubtedly tight enough to show each part of your body in a relatively more prominent way. So, there is the probability that some of the body flaws like obesity, belly fat, and tummy appear more clearly in front of others. Hence, it would be best if you avoided it as far as it is possible.

Wearing the shapewear beneath your dress is an effective way that you can opt-in order to avoid such kinds of problems. Although body shorts and other articles are also a possible solution, the most recommended and preferable option is to wear full-body undergarments to overcome fat tummy and belly fat.

However, when buying shapewear, they are available in markets, and you can easily find and buy them. Apart from buying them from markets, you can also go for another option: the online mode of buying.

Almost all kinds of shapewear are available on different websites of various brands and companies. Out of these two modes of buying shapewear, you can choose the one you feel suitable for you.

Choose dark shades

Surprisingly the coloring of a dress also plays an essential role in shaping the outlook of your body. If you have a fat body and face problems like a chubby tummy, it is always better for you to go for dark-shaded dresses.

The reason behind selecting dark shades is that they play a crucial role in making your body appear relatively more slim and tall. The dark colors like black and purple are ones you need to go for whenever it comes to selecting colors of dresses. These colors assist effectively in distracting the attention of the people around you from your body parts i-e belly fat and tummy. All in all, the dark colors would help you overcome this problem efficiently and productively.


Body posture

Apart from dressing and coloring your dress, your body posture after wearing the attire also impacts your body outlook. Keeping a good body posture can help your fat tummy look smaller and flat. While on the other hand, an inappropriate or incorrect posture can make it bulge out and negatively affect the overall body shape.

It is necessary to maintain a good body posture that helps make the belly fat and stomach look smaller to give a better look to your body in a bodycon dress.

The best way to do so is to keep your back straight and erect to make the width of your tummy look reduced. Furthermore, it would be best to avoid the posture that makes your fat body parts more apparent. For example, any side pose or view can not be suitable for you if you are obese and have belly fat. As it makes your body parts with flaws, look more apparent.

Opposite to a side pose, the poses that make your curved legs or arms more visible are perfect for you and make your body look more attractive and charming.

Shoe type

Although there are different options that you can opt for with the selection of shoes, you need to keep it specific when it comes to wearing bodycon dresses.

Generally, high heels are the most suitable option when you are wearing a bodycon dress. But high heels may not work well in some cases, especially when you have to walk. In such cases, these kinds of shoes can be problematic. So, you can choose over knee boots instead of high heels. These boots will add comfort to your walk and overall body posture on the one hand and will help you hide your fat body parts on the other hand.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable with both of the types mentioned earlier, you can also go for the flat shoes. Hence, it would be fantastic if you were vigilant in selecting shoes and going for the one that seems suitable for you, as per your body shape.

Try the layering technique

Layered clothing is another technique that may work well when wearing bodycon clothes with a chubby tummy or obese body. The layering of clothes works efficiently in providing your body a skinny look.

If we talk about what exactly layering technique is, wear different clothes in a layered manner. Usually, in layered clothing, clothes are worn in three different layers. The benefit of layering is that it hides remarkably the excess fat of your body.

Overlapping of the layers adds more effectiveness to it. However, before you go for the layered clothing technique, you must check out the temperature in your region or area because the layered clothing is specific to the cold regions.

So, by checking the temperature of your corresponding area, you can easily decide whether the layering technique or layered clothing is suitable for you or not.

Hence, we can say that while finding out the ways to wear a bodycon while having a fattish body, layered clothing is worth considering the idea. However, it is up to your choice whether you utilize this technique or not.


Avoid wearing accessories

Generally, wearing all the accessories with your dress is thought to impact your dressing sense positively. However, it doesn’t work in all circumstances. In some cases, it is better to avoid wearing the accessories.

Wearing a bodycon dress is one example of a situation where you don’t need to put on accessories. Instead of trying any supplements, you are supposed to keep it simple. Here the word accessories cover highly decorated bags, large earrings, embellished necklaces, and other decoration ornaments.


So, before you wear a bodycon dress, don’t put more than two of all your accessories present in your collection. It will also assist you in overcoming obesity-related problems while wearing a bodycon dress.

Keep dress size compatible with your body

The dress’s size is another big thing when we are talking about the effective ways of wearing a bodycon dress with a fat tummy. What you need to do in this regard is keep your dress’s size comfortable for your body.

Neither the dress should be too long nor should it be too short. An article of long and loose clothing may negatively affect your dressing by making it of an awkward shape. On the other hand, a concise dress can make your feel uncomfortable by keeping your body grabbed hard.

Therefore, always try to get clothes that are of a size suitable for your body. If you have purchased a dress not compatible with your body shape, you can alter that dress to make it ideal for you. It would be beneficial for you in solving the issues you may face while wearing a bodycon dress when you are obese.

Have a paneled dress

Apart from all other methods of wearing bodycon dresses as mentioned above, having a paneled dress is another effective way that you can adopt to cure the belly fat problem in Bodycon dressing.

Paneled dresses have a fantastic feature of hiding your obesity-related body flaws. Panels on the sides of dresses make your body look slim, apparently up to an unbelievable extent. And we can not overlook the usefulness of this method at all.

Thus, if you want your body to look slim, longer charming, it would be better for you to go for paneled dresses instead of choosing simple ones.

The shape of the neckline

The neckline can also be means of hiding your fattish tummy or belly fat. We can understand it in a way that a neckline helps you in keeping your look balanced. For example, a longer or, in other words, deeper neckline plays a significant role in keeping people’s attention around you at the upper portion of your body, thus hiding the lower bell section.

At the same time, a V-shaped neck also plays an essential role in making your appearance slimmer and more prolonged. Therefore, don’t forget to have a neckline in your dress. It will help you amazingly in this regard.


As mentioned earlier in the article, some people think that bodycon dress is only suitable for skinny ladies and the obese ones have nothing to do with it. Keeping in view the whole discussion given above, we can say that if you are obese, wearing a bodycon dress is not a big deal. You can hide your fat tummy by keeping in mind some simple and easy factors mentioned in this article.

So, if you have a chubby tummy and plan to wear a bodycon dress, you need to follow the directions given in this article.

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