How can I hide my belly fat with shapewear?





Whether you are a man or a woman, a younger or an older one, your top priority will be to keep yourself fit so that you look beautiful. In this fast-growing world, there are many things available that can assist you to look fit. Similarly, like that, the belly fat shapewear.  


But if you are a woman and worried about your belly fat, how to hide your belly fat with shapewear. Being a woman, a few extra pounds around your belly can make you ashamed at a party. 


Mainly, various women struggle to lose their belly fat and spend a lot of necessary time. But if you want to hide your belly fat in just a few seconds, not doing any struggle. Here I have a piece of good news for you as shapewear is there to assist you. 


More importantly, the shapewear comes in every size and shape you want. Furthermore, there are many colors available. That means you can pick any color of shapewear as per your desire to hide your belly fat.


Why is there a need to hide belly fat with shapewear?


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Most probably, being a woman, this is important to maintain yourself. But when it comes to belly fat, this seems very problematic. 


Whether you are a married woman, a housewife, a professional woman, or a mother, you are in a hurry to go outside for a family picnic or a party with friends. Unfortunately, no exercise can help you at that time, but the shapewear is there to make you beautiful and perfect. 


More importantly, the shapewear saves your time as it provides an extra slim and intelligent figure in just a few seconds. 

How does belly fat increase? 


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Before knowing how to hide belly fat with shapewear, this is very important to know how belly fat increases?


Furthermore, having belly fat can be very dangerous for you especially, if your age is above 50. In particular, It may cause you serious diseases, For example, heart diseases, heart attack, asthma, high blood pressure, breast cancer, etc. 


As far as belly fat is concerned, there are mainly numerous reasons for gaining belly fat. Firstly, your diet matters a lot. If you have a poor diet, it will cause you to gain more belly fat. 


Secondly, decrease of exercise, as you know that exercise keeps the man fit and young. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman. There is a dire need to fit yourself. But, Unfortunately,  When it comes to maintaining your body, there is no match of exercise you find.


Thirdly, the stress if you have bad days which cause you stress. Mainly, this will affect your health as well. In this manner, you have to train your mind to be favorable not to cause your health. Stress also helps to increase belly fat and many other diseases.   


But you do not need to worry because I am here to tell you what you need to do to cope with all that things.



First and foremost, you have to improve your diet, add some extra healthy food, and fresh vegetables, which will also help you lose weight. Then do exercise daily, at least 1 hour per day, this will keep you strong and fit. Your mind will also remain positive. Your body will be active for an entire day.


Apart from that, try to change your lifestyle, do more work, surround yourself with positive people.   

 Types of Shapewear to hide belly fat


More importantly, the types of shapewear to hide your belly fat is very much essential. In particular, the size of your figure relies on the kind of shapewear. My deep research in this article will help you know the various types of shapewear types to pick yours effortlessly. 


  • Tummy control shaping high-waist shorts 


Tummy control shaping high-waist shorts is specially manufactured for hiding belly fat. But,  more significantly, these types of shapewear come at a very reasonable price. 


This type of shapewear is for those who want to wear this daily.

For example, most recommended for you if you are a professional woman. That will help you to surrender firm tummy control. But, there is no doubt that it will also support you to lift and shape the backside fat. 


  • Camisoles


Suppose you are looking for the best and most simple form of shapewear. Congrats, this type of shapewear is highly innovative for you. Furthermore, this will provide you a perfect appearance. Finally, You will love to wear this as it will give you an extra comfortable feeling.  


  • Thigh slimmers 


The last type of shapewear is thigh slimmers. Suppose you want to hide your thighs, fat, hips, backside, and also belly fat. In addition, it is the most useable product. The shapewear is multitasking. You will love to have this shapewear.


How to choose the best shapewear to hide belly fat 

Now I will help you with how you should choose the best shapewear to hide your belly fat. My deep research will save you precious time and money. 


  • Not Visible shapewear Underclothing

More importantly, this will be awful if your shapewear will appear while wearing clothes. So the best thing will be to choose that type of shapewear which will not become visible. 


Suppose you are going to a party, and you want to wear such fabric which is quite transparent from the belly side. But, as I know you are already worried about your belly fat, this will cause you more stress and anxiety. 


That’s why I have research for you and find out for you, and it will be more convenient to choose the not visible shapewear.


  • Immediate shaping and slimming 


In particular, you must choose that type of shapewear which also assists you to become slimmer so that you may look perfect and beautiful for your party look. 


Undoubtedly, you will not be worry if the shapewear will provide you an immediate shaping. So while choosing the shapewear, your top priority must be to see the quality of shapewear.


  • Budget-friendly and easy to use 


On the other hand, the shapewear must be budget-friendly. As we all know that no product is a lifetime product, so it will be worse to spend a lot of money on a temporary development. 


The shapewear must be washable so that you can easily wash it and utilize it efficiently. In this manner, you will not have to buy another one. Instead, you can clean the previous one and efficiently handle it. 


  • Multitasking shapewear 


In general, there is a massive variety of shapewear available in the market right now. However, after researching many commodities, I know that shapewear commonly comes to hide belly fat. 


But, it would be an extra feature of any shapewear if it helps you shape the fat from the backside and support you to maintain your waistlines. 


In this regard, bodysuits with panels or compression shapewear available will do all above mention things for you.


In my sincere advice, you should spend your precious money and time on multitasking shapewear so that it will keep your whole body in shape.


  • Size 

Most people get confused about their body shape and size. They do not come to any conclusion about the correct figure. Well, many people buy the smaller size, which is 50% less than their figure. 


In my opinion, you should buy such shapewear which must be according to your figure. 


When you select a smaller size, the shapewear will cause more bulges. Eventually, you will lose interest and will not wear shapewear again.


For this reason, you should choose the shapewear one or two sizes up that will make you feel comfortable and will not let your interest down.


More importantly, if you wear shapewear along with a cocktail dress for a party, and work clothes or even jeans and a T-shirt. You will look even slimmer and perfect.


Eventually, to wear shapewear does not mean that something will completely change your shape and size. It is never going to happen. In this manner, you must choose that what spots and targets you want to make perfect. Then buy shapewear accordingly. 

How to Get the Right Fit shapewear?


Whether you are buying shapewear from an online store or going to a store, Banks-Coloma says that it will be worth it if you go to a store, and you must try on several brands and styles. 

More importantly, if you are buying a specific dress or outfit you love the most, you should bring that along. Besides, when you measure the hip and waist size, you will be satisfied with your shapewear. 

More importantly, this will also save your time as you will find the best and fit shapewear. 

But when you choose the smaller size, it will demand considerable effort to zip your most favorite dress. Furthermore, this can cause you stress and depression as you get ready for a party and cannot zip your dress. It will also make you feel uncomfortable. 

Does tight shapewear cause any health problems?

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According to top neurologist Avitzur MD, medical advisor for consumer reports, “whenever we put tight garments, we take the risk of compressing our organs and nerves. So wearing too-tight shapewear can lead you to some serious health problems. 

Furthermore, Avitzur states that she has had patients complain of tingling and deadness in the front to outer thigh region in her practice, from hip to bone. Avitzur has discovered the cause back to restrictive clothing like shapewear or skinny jeans.


How to Use Shapewear?



Some stars, such as actress Octavia Spencer and singer Adele, agree to layer shapewear pieces for special occasions.


“I’ve done two or three layers for an appearance or advertisement,” Banks-Coloma says. “It isn’t comfortable, but it can be productive.”


In contrast, this trend might be better to leave in Hollywood. Furthermore, the neurologist said, important events are mean to enjoy. But, it would become more complicated when you have worn tight garments. 


In addition to this, the tight shapewear also makes those parts prominent which you want to hide.   



Not just for Special Occasions


You can wear shapewear to work, as long as it’s not bothering you. “The benefit,” Joy says, “is that it can help you feel more confident, and it can boost your self-esteem.” furthermore, this will also make you perfect and beautiful while sitting at your desk. 

If you wear shapewear every day, pay close attention to how comfortable you are. “If you’re afraid to go to the bathroom because your shapewear is difficult to remove, you might be putting yourself at risk of a UTI [urinary tract infection],” Avitzur says. That can seriously cause you a severe problem.

If you are prone to bladder infections, yeast infections, or GI symptoms like reflux, wearing shapewear every day may not be such a good idea, Avitzur says.

Can you wear shapewear while expecting?

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More importantly, if you are expecting, my sincere suggestion is first to concern your doctor. Most probably, there is a lot of maternity shapewear available right now. 


You do not need to worry because the doctor will guide you throughout your pregnancy journey. Naturally, every woman wants to look fit while expecting (says ob-gyn Laura E. Riley, MD, medical director of Labor and Delivery at Massachusetts General Hospital and author of You and Your Baby: Pregnancy).


“Maternity shapewear is the most recommended one for women to daily wear if they are comfortable,” Riley says.


 “It should help for women with varicose veins, which can be uncomfortable when standing, and it should provide support to lift the uterus off the cervix and ease pain [if the pelvis becomes misaligned].”

If you do wear shapewear while expecting, make sure getting it on and off isn’t such a struggle that you put off urinating, as that can set you up for urinary tract infections.

How to build a Shapewear Wardrobe?

“Start with the basics like a mid-thigh shaper, a slip dress, and then add something more specialized like underwear,” Joy says. “You can build your shapewear wardrobe as you would build a regular wardrobe.”

For the most flexibility, look for pieces in a shade that’s close to your skin tone.

Some of Joy and Banks-Coloma’s favorite pieces:

  • Tights

It is a great place to start with shapewear, Banks-Coloma says. You can choose options that slim the whole leg or the thighs, rear, hips, and waist. They smooth out panty lines, and there are butt-boosting styles. In the past, waistbands might have rolled over, but that shouldn’t be an issue anymore, Banks-Coloma says.

  • Full bodysuit with a chest cut-out

Bodysuits slim the hips and hold in the stomach, but they can also flatten your chest, like a sports bra. New styles have an open bust that lifts your breasts. (You wear it with a different bra.) When you try on a bodysuit, make sure that the overall effect is soothing and that it doesn’t create bulges in new spots, like where the seam hits your thigh, Banks-Coloma says. If you’re hoping to minimize a larger chest, choose a suit that covers it.

If you think that shapewear will flatten your behind, you could try a butt-boosting style. Some come with padding, some use panels that lift your rear, and others have cut-outs.

  • Camisole 

“The number one spot women want to cover is their stomach,” Joy says. If it looks like regular clothing, you can let it show. “A camisole can also help smooth out muffin top (tuck it into your pants) and bra bulge on your back.

  • Panties 

Shapewear panties can help eliminate panty lines and slim down your thighs, hips, rear, and even your stomach. If you’re looking for sleeker thighs, you can choose a boy shortcut — just make sure that the leg bands don’t cut into your skin. If you’re not looking for help in the thigh region, a brief cut can create a more seamless look, says Joy. To tighten your abdomen, choose a high-waisted style with a panel that covers the stomach. You can look for rear-enhancing panties, too.

  • Slip

 If you’re going to wear a slip under a dress, why not choose one with a bit of extra soothing power? “I use slips on the red carpet all the time,” Banks-Coloma says. A good slip can eliminate bulges and panty lines under thin or sheer dresses. Bring your clothing into the store with you. Joy says there are many options for necklines and straps, and you want one that won’t poke out of the dress. If you’re wearing a skirt, you can choose a half-slip that starts at the waist (and pair it with a camisole, if you like).

  • Mid-thigh shaper.


These look like bicycle shorts that extend to the waist (or higher) and can cinch your thighs, butt, hips, and abdomen. “If you have bulk on your thighs and not around your stomach, you can get a short that comes up to the waist,” Banks-Coloma says. “But if you have bulk all over, you should find one that comes up to just under the bust.”

If you go too tight, the band on the top will rollover. “Be careful if you have a flat butt that the shaper doesn’t make it look flatter,” Joy says. If that’s the case, look for a butt-boosting style.

Q1. Does shapewear help in losing weight?

In a way, it does. Shapewear consists of compression, right? And this compression triggers more sweating. And when you sweat more during your workouts, you’re accelerating the fat-burning process.

Q2. Can you wear shapewear every day to hide belly fat?

As long as the undergarment is comfortable, it’s okay to wear it daily. The modern versions of shapewear are not constricting or suffocating anymore. On the contrary, they’re very comfortable, breathable, and lightweight.

Q3. Can plus-size women wear shapewear?

There are plenty of options specifically designed for plus-size women. Just make sure you get the right size. Because only then does shapewear smooth out your bumps and lumps. That too without squishing anything and causing discomfort.

Q4. How to care for your shapewear?

Hand-wash your shapewear every single time, meaning no machine-washing. And make sure you’re hand-washing it gently. Then hang-dry the undergarment.

As for storage, you should store a shapewear flat in a dark area.

Q5. How soon after birth can you wear shapewear?


  1. If you had an expected delivery


However, your body is still relatively weak after birth. Therefore, you can wear shapewear for one month. Under some conditions, I recommend that you can tighten your belt to assist. 


  1. If you had a cesarean section.


You can wear shapewear after three months. You should wear shapewear after the c section wound has healed.

Final thoughts 

Before you choose a bodysuit, you have to answer the question: what are you wearing?


Of course, you would say, to look thinner. Yes, but not only that!

It can help us get rid of bad habits, improve and modify our body shape, such as hunchback, chest sagging, abdominal protrusion, thick waist, fat buttocks, flat hips, thick thighs, etc. However, attention is an improvement, not a change.


I have provided you with enough basic information to choose the best shapewear to hide your belly fat. The benefits of this undergarment don’t just include shaping the tummy. Furthermore, It also includes smoothing out back fat, streamlining the shape of the butt, and making you look slimmer.

One such beneficial option is the Spanx Women’s Plus Size Oncore Shapesuit. The brand is Spanx, after all. So you can expect a lot of stomach shaping. It happens because of the fully-bonded front panels installed in the shapewear. And, no doubt, all this slimming is squeeze-free and comfortable.



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