Does Shapewear Flatten the Stomach

Everyone desires a flat stomach but the fulfillment of that desire isn’t that easy.

It requires arduous effort both physically and mentally and let’s face it, it drains you out completely. It is just that everyone wants to look good whether you are wearing skirts, jeans or any other dress just to feel good and confident about yourselves especially when you are out attending any special occasion with many people around. This is where the work of shapewear starts.

Shapewear is nothing but a piece of undergarment that compresses the fat which, in turn, flattens your stomach. It also compresses the fat around the back, love handles, and abdominal area. It is similar to sucking in your stomach by holding your breath which causes to change the shape of the belly. Shapewear mimics this process by slightly flatting the belly. However, keep in mind it won’t permanently flatten your stomach, the point when you stop wearing it for days, you will start getting back to your original shape. Plus, shapewear isn’t the only factor to flatten your stomach. Nonetheless,  many women and men have turned to shapewear to get their stomachs to flatten and achieve their desired looks.

The process of Shapewear.

As mentioned, it is a garment that pressurizes the fat inside and compresses it. It means it pushes the fat in to compress the area around the stomach. In order to make it work, you need to wear it for hours and hours. Its effects can be evident in 2 weeks’ time. But, these results will not be prominent. For prominent results, you’ll have to at least wait for a few months. Therefore, it won’t work miracles, and plus, your stomach might look slimmer but won’t necessarily be flat if you don’t control your diet.

Does Shapewear help lose weight

Loose fat

The answer may be both yes and no. While many claim that shapewear helps you lose

weight as it causes you to sweat and resultantly helps you to shed a few excess calories, but it won’t help you reduce a lot of weight. It is just that the fat distributes in your body especially around the hip area. Moreover, sweating might cause dehydration, and therefore, it is better to exercise in case you want to lose a lot of weight.

Does shapewear help you improve your posture?

Yes, it helps you improve posture which is a kind of unexpected benefit of wearing shapewear. Those who wear it for hours get increased posture. However, in order to make it work for better posture, you need to wear a waist trainer because when the waist trainer and shapewear combine together, the result is a much straighter back. It won’t matter if you are sitting, walking, or even standing for a longer duration, you just have to war both.

Plus it also helps you resolve back issues. When you wear it for longer periods of time it means t

hat you are constantly working on your back which might resolve your back issues. This is why some of us wear shapewear to get rid of back pain. The increased posture also prevents any future issues arising from the back.

Can shapers help with menstrual cramps?

Yes, it helps a lot. In fact, it decreases and alleviates the pain of menstrual cramps. Many women believe that wearing it during menstrual days makes them pain-free. When corsets or shapers are worn, the pressure on the midsection increases which includes the peritoneal organs due to the frame compression. This, in turn, helps with uterine contractions which alleviates the pain instantly.

Is it beneficial to wear to the shapewear in the long run?

There are some risks involved in shapewear which have been discussed below in the article. However, if you want to improve the posture and flatten the stomach, it is beneficial. If your body adjusts to it well enough then you will have no issues. It is also advisable to see a doctor if you feel any pain after wearing it for longer periods.

Positive Impact of shapewear in your life

People tend to think that it isn’t easy to lose weight or make the body slimmer especially when you have kids, or if are a working woman or you’re in a relationship. There is a common perception that you need a lot of time every day for exercise and this routine needs to continue for years to come which puts both mental and physical pressure on you and your body. It is not easy to motivate yourself every day and start the training. There are days when you are excessively tired and extremely busy or have other things on your mind; it is almost next to impossible to exercise.

However, keep in mind that the journey to thousand miles starts with a single step. And, this shapewear is that first step. The shapewear changes your body and makes you look slimmer. Many say that when they started wearing shapewear their body started to change, they got more compliments and started to like their body and that is when they realized that need to change which gave them the motivation to start.

Are there any risks involved in wearing shapewear?

There are some risks involved in shapewear. Supposedly, if you wear tight shapewear, it can be harmful to your body. It can slow the circulation of blood in your body which may cause blood clots. Sometimes, when you wear it for too long, it causes swelling around the stomach which can be really painful. The swelling does not go for days and when you again start to wear it, it might cause rashes on your skin. For that whose body is not grown, teenagers should not wear it as it can cause permanent deformation due to the pressure exerted by shapewear.

Final Thoughts

Yes, it is true that shapewear can provide great results to tone down your body and helping you slim by flattening the stomach. However, you need to exercise and control your diet to see instant results. Keep in mind that whenever you stop wearing it, your body might start to comeback into its old shape unless you train and go to the gym

For maximum benefit, shapewear should fit snugly against your body but should not dig into your skin or hurt. Choose breathable fabrics to prevent sweat from getting trapped against your skin. If you feel dizzy, notice that breathing is more difficult, find yourself excessively sweating or experience discomfort or tingling around or under the shapewear, stop wearing it immediately. Good shapewear should not hurt or interfere with your ability to do your usual daily tasks.





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